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ASMED Health Partnership

ASMED Health Partnership is building a network to help those who build and protect America.

ASMED HEALTH PARTNERSHIP, established in 1992 , has been one of the leading networks delivering substantial discounts to self funded entities and labor unions. ASMED services well over 150 clients ranging in size from 150 to over 60,000 members and offers discounting services on medical billings and at the same time eliminates administrative costs through HIPPA compliant state-of-the-art technology to reprice in-and-out-of-network medical claims.

ASMED HEALTH PARTNERSHIP is a national network of physicians and facilities serving our nation's proud union membership through their health and welfare turst funds throughout the 50 states. Self-insured employers and Taft-Hartley trust funds, representing 60% of the insured in America today, rarely participate in HMOs. They are self-sustaining with regards to their health insurance matters, and they prefer to continue their disassociation with HMO's and HMO Networks. Therefore, ASMED caters to those employers and trust funds by establishing "made to order" networks which fulfill the specific needs for their membership.